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Bumper Protector/ Guard

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200.00300.00 (-33%)


Autokart is presents you a black colour bumper corner protector which is made up of high quantity vinyl which is a good shock absorber. It will customise as per bumper profile and it also enhances the aesthetics of your car. It wills protection to your car bumper paint. Fitment instruction: 1. Ensure that your car bumper corners are spotlessly clean (free of dust, grease, oil etc.) Where the product is to be fitted. 2. Hold each item on the car bumper corner (s) without removing adhesive tape film. This way you can determine its correct alignment position before fitment. 3. Now remove adhesive tape film and place the part back in proper place pressing (full hand force) from one end of the part applying uniform pressure along its length to the other end. 4. Leave the part for at least 15 min after fitment before driving your car.

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Bumper Protector/ Guard

200.00300.00 (-33%)

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