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Mcdodo CA-5793 1.8 m Lightning Cable

600.001,000.00 (-40%)

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600.001,000.00 (-40%)


Mcdodo Woodpecker Lightning 1.8m

is a new quality in the safety of charging the phone and extending its battery life. Thanks to the built-in patented Smart Charging technology, after the phone reaches 95% of the battery charge, the cable automatically slows down the charging process, taking care of the battery life. Then, after reaching 100%, it completely cuts off the charging, reactivating once every two hours and recharging the battery.

Charge wisely and safely

Comfortable, tangle-free

The cable has been designed to ensure the greatest possible comfort in everyday use. The pre-mounted organizer on the cable facilitates its quick use and allows you to keep your desk organized and in transport

Strong nylon braid guarantees its durability when using the cable, and its aluminum ends and finishes ensure long life.

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Mcdodo CA-5793 1.8 m Lightning Cable

600.001,000.00 (-40%)

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