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Rapoo 8000M Multi-Mode Keyboard & Mouse Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 Wireless 2.4 GHz 1300 DPI Combo-Black


Rapoo 9300mM Wireless Combo

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Rapoo x260 wireless combo


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Rapoo X260 Wireless Optical Keyboard and Mouse Combo
● Anti-interference 2.4G wireless transmission. Ⅹ260 provides a stable wireless 2.4G connection mode, stable and reliable transmission, and adapts to a variety of devices.
● High efficiency and energy saving, long-lasting battery life. Power saving program + low power consumption chip, when the keyboard and mouse use 1 AA battery each, it can reach 12 months of battery life, eliminating the trouble of frequent battery replacement.
● Round keycaps Old typewriter retro round keycaps, literary and fashionable.
● The keyboard uses independent chocolate-shape keycaps, and carefully selected silicone particles, so that the keys are evenly stressed, rebound quickly, and typing is smooth and natural.
● 12 multimedia shortcut keys in Win system. Commonly used multi-media patterns are etched in area F by silk-screening process, and the audio and video playback, Internet browsing, mail and other operations in Windows system can be quickly switched through the combination of FN+F1-F12 functions
● The mouse is exquisite and compact, designed for small and medium-sized users; the ergonomic design of the left and right hands is symmetrical, and the operation is comfortable and free for a long time.


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